A Word from the President…

Thank you for visiting our site.

What you see here is the result of nearly 30 years in the industry.  We have seen technologies evolve, new concepts come to market, some successfully, some not, and how the hospitality industry has evolved.  Over the years and through all the change, a constant factor is the need to optimize your gross margins through inventory control.

While the need for control is a constant, and becoming more critical, what has changed is the environment and methodology.   Brand aware drinkers have widened your sales mix, complicating hardware choices and options. On the other hand, computer power has streamlined management processes, allowing you to micro-manage your business.  The reward is your control systems become ever more effective, and potential reward is more than it has ever been.

The trick is to do it right, and here I can help you.

As much as some things change, they remain the same.  The foundation of any successful process is always durable hardware, effective software, delivered by an experienced vendor with good support capabilities.

The majority of my “Sales Work” is actually spent educating prospects on which products to use, how they perform, and what to look for when making good decisions.  Like any technology, if you aren’t intimate with  details you don’t know what you don’t know.  An Educated Buyer knows the right questions to ask, and more importantly, what the right answers are.  An Educated Buyer always becomes a Better Customer.


Booz U will help you be that “Educated Buyer”.  It is a short course of related topics covering a range of details that form your control process.  While it is brief, it provides a roadmap to making the best decisions.  When you wish to get more detail, you call in the professionals.   Making the right decision will guarantee success.

Our Bar Depot page is for the hands on operator.  Because so much of the system is electronic, the mechanical aspect is very simple.  Anyone with Home Depot skills can do the installation, and the Web lets us manage software by wire. A DIY operator will see how they are more self sufficient by not having the delay, or the expense, of a technician attending the site.  You can use Sprint parts to extend the life of an existing system, or take a staged upgrade path.  The options are almost limitless.

Our First Aid page is where to go if you have service issues.  95% of our service calls are solved by pulling the power plug, counting to ten, and plugging it back in.  Our biggest quality advantage is the ruggedness of what we build so downtime is rare.  For other needs we offer 1-800 support and can resolve issues quickly, the joy of not needing to drive anywhere.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and I trust I have been an asset to you.  If you wish to learn more drop me a note or give me a call at 800-811-4333 and I will be happy to speak in more detail.

Yours truly,
Tom Zalm