Bar Depot

This page is for the hands on DIY type of person.  My adage is if you can count to 10 and know righty tighty, lefty loosey, you can do it.  What used to take 2 skilled technicians 2 days to install twenty years ago now takes 2 Handy Andy’s a day to put in.  For example, a 6 brand liquor gun has 6 moving parts and one power connection, and 6 tubing connections, all held by 6 screws.

This section provides an overview of what is involved in making a system work, what parts are involved,  and how they work together. Once you have things connected we dial in and handle the set up.  Customers who appreciate this option range from owner operators, General Contractors doing new builds and renovations, to sites with large older systems they need to keep going.

Our Reporting Software shares the simplicity of our hardware. If you can maintain your own POS system you will be confident in minutes and will get the most from your system.

How does it work?

We begin by confirming your needs, both in terms of what you want it to do, and what parts are needed to pull it together, and pictures of where it will be installed.  From there we deliver a “Kit” that includes every bit and bob you may need, right down to the screws.  You have a dedicated Factory Technician who works with you  through the entire process.  If you have questions we are just a call away.

If you fit this bill, BAR DEPOT will interest you.


The Most Common Bar Depot choices …..

Draft Beer Monitoring systems are the most common choice because they are so simple to install and bring such an immediate boost in cash.  A 12 tap system only involves 24 clamp joints, 6 screws, and wires.  As long as your beer system is in good working order you can do the job in a morning.

Liquor Guns, either as replacement guns or new installs.  If you already have a gun that needs replacing, the existing reserves, pumps, and tubing can be reused.  Installation is just a tubing connection for each brand and 6 screws.  If it is a new installation you need to lay tubing and drive a few more screws.

Brand ID Bottle Guardian, usually into a smaller bar or restaurant that needs control over a large product mix for a reasonable investment.  Majority of the system is pre-programmed and all users need to learn is the basics to keep the system in top working order.

If you have custom needs give us a call.  We are the manufacturer so we can offer what you need, from longer flexhoses on guns for a longer reach., brewpub applications for Draft Monitoring, or software integrations.