Your Complete Training Guide on Bar Control Systems

In my 28 years of business, I find the majority of my “sales work” is actually spent educating people about what beverage control really means, the different aspects involved, and how to best apply them to their businesses. From there I help them make the best decision for their particular needs.

As a salesman I win a few and I lose a few. Competition is a good thing but it irks me to see a customer led astray or pressured by a hard close and invest in the wrong equipment. The worst is when prospects fall for the “Lowest Bid”, skipping down to price and not reading the bid details.

Life has taught me the lowest price option usually becomes the most expensive by the time the dust settles.   We have all experienced it, be it with a home renovation or new computers.  Not only is the primary goal compromised, the investment is lost, and potential ROI unrealized.

An educated customer is easier to work with and more successful because they know their business, their numbers, and use critical measures to guide their decisions. An Educated Customer has a basic awareness of the different hardware available and how they work. You know what to look at more closely, know the right questions to ask, and most importantly, what the right answers are.  They recognize quality when they you see it, both in terms of hardware and the vendor they choose to work with.

There are many options for you to become the “Educated Customer”, but few with a focus on Beverage Control that isn’t heavily biased toward a single manufacturer.

Booz U is such a vehicle. Look at it as a night school course on booze squirters and liquor drippers.  Through the process I will define what “Beverage Control” means, the nuances, the process, hardware, and software functions involved.  I will describe, in simple terms how each works, both individually and as part of a network, and how they are best applied.

My goal is to make you that educated customer.   If you have any questions in your diligence feel free to give me a call, I am always happy to speak in more detail.


Tom Zalm