All Bottle Dispense Consoles

All Bottle Liquor Dispensing is best suited to bars needing control across a wide range of brands, such as a restaurant with sales across a large back bar, or smaller bars needing global control.  They can be combined with Liquor Guns or Draft Monitoring to create complete a control network.

As with a liquor gun you gain portion control with full accountability, but not as much speed advantage or streamlined handling, with a smaller incremental cost.

All Bottle Dispensing comes in two forms, “Inventory Group” and “Brand ID”. An “Inventory Group” system handles spouts based on the mix of metal rings in the tip. With this system you sort brands into groups based on price or product type. You get information for each group, not on any specific brand.

“Brand ID” systems manage spouts based on an RFID chip in each spout. Each brand is set up and calibrated specifically, each brand reports individually, and delivers a higher level of control and reporting.

While Brand ID offers better reporting, the same working principles apply to both.

A single console can manage any number of bottles securely and consistently with an investment similar to a liquor gun. Product is dispensed from the original bottle through a spout that is heat sealed to the bottle. For a drink to pour, that spout must fit through the Activator Coil, which starts the pour and records it for full accountability.

An important issue with any All Bottle systems is they demand diligence over spout security, cleanliness, and responsible parties involved. None are onerous, but if you cut corners the outcome is compromised.

All in all, they work very well either as a main control system or used with guns or draft controls.


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