Different Products Require Different and Specific Hardware

Different products are handled differently. Liquor is best portion controlled, while draft beer is normally a free flow product. The hardware required to manage each aspect is designed to fulfill a specific task.

Draft beer is dispensed as a free flow product, meaning there are no mechanical devices involved to control portion sizes. Bartenders pull the tap to start the flow, and close it when they think the glass is full.   Consistency and accuracy of portions dispensed is a manual process completely controlled by the bartender.

In a controlled environment, turbines are mounted in the cooler, invisible to customers and staff, the volume of beer poured is tracked, pour data is captured and archived, then sent to software to reconcile against sales.  The software micromanages sales and pouring events, and pinpoints any variances.  From there you take management actions to enforce policy and optimize gross profit.

The usual KPI for Draft Beer Sales is % Variance, the ratio of beer that failed to become revenue. In a controlled environment a reasonable goal is 2% variance.  Through start up many details present themselves, each addressed in turn. Most commonly these include inconsistent glassware and recipe values, pricing errors, and physical handling of product.

An issue critical to any Draft Monitoring application is the draft dispensing system.  It must be in proper working order, no foaming or other pouring issues they become large variances, meaning lost profit.  Before any work is done you need a full system audit to ensure any issues are addressed.  Buy your draft beer technician lunch and pick his brain.   Anything in the system to compromise pour quality will come back to bite you in the wallet.

If you are gaining control in a series of smaller steps, Draft Monitoring is the best place to begin, as it brings the best return in the shortest time. Added profit from performance gains will fund the steps that follow.

Luckily, the reward from Draft Control can be accurately estimated.   Go to “”Link to ROI Worksheet” to learn more about this.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to call.

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