Now that you know what to be looking for…

Now that you know what to be looking for, let’s move to what you want to see.

The switching in the top of a liquor gun takes the most beating of all.  If they are metal dome switches laminated under vinyl there will come a time when the vinyl wears through.  When that happens, what happens?  What is involved to have this replaced?  Do you need special tools?  When a switch does go down, is the whole gun down, or just one brand?

How about the plastic gun housing itself?  Can you see it surviving being used as an ice hammer, because it will.  Is it thick enough to give the gun some substance and balance?  Are the buttons easy to reach for large hands as well as small?

Look at the case the solenoids and electronics are mounted in.  How many boxes need to be hung at each station?  How many wires connect to these boxes?  How many wiring connections are there in the whole system?  The more wire in a system, the more likely there will be a wiring problem.

When you are looking at an All Bottle Dispensing Console the above measures are again important, with a few specific things to watch for.

Some manufacturers have sleek looking plastic boxes with aluminum faceplates. The buttons to trigger options are small and troublesome to trigger.

Bartenders have been known to use the tip of the bottle to trigger them with more force than a fingertip, which has been known to drive the switch right through the faceplate.

When looking at Draft Monitoring how robust are the turbines?  Can they be field serviced?  How accurate and consistent are they?  How many wiring connections are involved?

In terms of software how long has it been in service?  Can it interface with POS and other management systems?  Is it easy to use?

Lastly, it comes down to the vendor.  Do they experience in the hospitality sector, and to what extent?  How long have they been around?  How long will they be around?

Remember, the chain of success depends on strong links.  By reviewing each link you can protect yourself.

As always, if you have any questions ,feel free to give me a call.

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