Strathcona Hotel

I am the Beverage Manager for a property, featuring a nightclub, a large pub, a rooftop patio, and a hillbilly bar. With 1600 seats at capacity we need the best possible liquor dispensing system in place. As you can imagine we have put these liquor guns through the ultimate test of high volume sales and they continue to remain accurate and reliable. I have seen others in operation and quite often the bar owners are frequently calling in techs to come repair problems, which in turn can end up being extremely costly.

We have been using Sprint Bar Control Systems since our upgrade from EDI Equipment in 1997. Over that time we have migrated through three different versions, which have all worked extremely well for us.

We have very low service nad repair costs as the hardware is durable and stands the test of time well. Whenever we do call with a question or concern the response is always immediate and effective. I have learned alot about the units that we have and can easily calibrate and maintain all of them myself, with the occasional aid from the exceptionally helpful tech support guys over at Sprint.

Sprint has been an excellent vendor and has our trust and business because of it. If you are looking for a supplier to meet your needs, I’m certain Sprint Bar Controls would be your best choice and they would do as great of a job for you as they have for me.

Sean Franklin

Sean Franklin
Beverage Manager
Strathcona Hotel
Victoria, BC

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority

We have been using Sprint Bar Controls to manage our liquor dispensing and draft beer controls for over 12 years now. We recently upgraded all of our casinos in the last two years with new hardware and Pour Controls Real Time Variance Reporting Software to interface with our POS systems.

The decision to stay with Sprint was a simple one, given how well the old ones worked and how little service was required to maintain them.

Our decision to add Real Time Variance Software has also proven to be positive.
By having it run in the background, I know every detail is being tracked with no time demands, and if something were to go astray we would be able to get to the bottom of it quickly. By using it across all of our properties, we have achieved consistency regardless of local staff changes. We have control of both our costs and our time.

Service is always an issue for us as our sites are spread all over the province. One thing I appreciate about Sprint is when we do call with questions, we are able to talk to the same people every time – they know who we are, our sites, and our business needs. We always get the solutions we need with no complications.

If you want control of your business, a decision to go with Sprint would be a good one.

Geoff Schmidt BA BSC

Geoff Schmidt BA BSC
Regional Food & Beverage Analyst

Mikes Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill

In the first six months after buying the bar, I could easily see significant shrinkage and excessive foam from our four-beer draft system.
So much so,that I figured out that improving my system from a draft beer cooler to a remote glycol system and installing Sprint’s basic beer monitoring system would be paid for in the foam waste savings.

Well, not only did the glycol remote solution dramatically decrease the waste from foam and increase our offering to eight products; the Sprint system’s accuracy helped us to quickly identify two staff members who were shaving profits off the top!

Over the next three years, this Sprint monitoring system helped us to keep control as we grew the business; however, we reached a point with more staff members where a paper-based tracking system was no longer practical. In short, we needed more detailed and quicker information – ala computer-based.

This past year, we upgraded the original Sprint monitoring system to a digital-based system by swapping out a single part and not touching any of the product lines, etc. And in no time, we quickly found another employee that was manipulating sales info to the tune of $6,000/mo.

The bottom line for us is that Sprint has offered different solutions based upon our needs, an easy upgrade path, and a return on investment many, many more times than the entire cost of our remote glycol system AND both Sprint solutions. So if you are serving draft beer, I would highly recommend that you install a Sprint solution!

Christopher Sweet

Christopher Sweet
Mike’s Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill
8670 Highway 6 N
Houston, TX 77095

Compass Point Inn

I have used Sprint’s Draft Monitoring since our bar was renovated in 2001 and added Liquor Guns to the system in March of this year. On first analysis I could see inventory was going wayward, with a negative affect on profits.

I then interfaced Sprint to my POS system to provide Real Time Variance Analysis, which pinpointed the time and other details of where things went astray. By focussing on these events I have been able to make management changes with a dramatic improvement in the bar’s performance and a quick return on my investment in the equipment.

Along from this I capture consistent information for audit purposes and have the peace of mind in knowing the operation is protected, even when I am not on site. Performance and Peace of Mind are two important factors for me.

Rose Fitzner

Rose Fitzner
General Manager

Hook and Ladder Pub

The Hook and Ladder was the third installation of Sprint’s proprietary systems in 1994, and has operated well since then. Even though the system is old and could be replaced, the reality is it continues to perform well and until it dies there is no point in replacing it. Service records show less than $100 is spent annually on maintenance, again supporting the decision to leave it alone.

At the initial installation the system was interfaced to their POS system, which offered cutting edge reporting and audit features for it’s time. This location boosted profit dramatically and the integrated system became, and still is, the backbone of their management structure. Both systems continue to chug along.

The Hook and Ladder is only one of many very old systems that continue to perform well. How many other systems have you installed in your locations that are still there and running after 15 years? Not many I would bet.

What does this prove? Not only can you have confidence in Sprint products, you know Sprint will continue to be an excellent resource into the future.

Pat Reffeling

Riders Pub

I installed a Sprint beverage system to manage six lines, taps, and a new liquor gun as the original Sprint gun was over 15 years old. We integrated it with Pour Controls and chose Real Time Variance Reporting. It has been hugely successful when measured two ways.

Firstly, I compared monthly periods before and after the installation. Across my top 3 brands I was losing between $3000 and $5000. For my bottom 3 brands I was losing $2000 to $3000. This was a monthly average and these numbers are at cost. Extend that to retail sales it is nearly $10,000 per monthly.

Secondly, my staff know their every move is being watched. If they are doing their jobs well, I will see it. If they need a tune up I will see it. Even if I see things days later I can go back to the archives and get all the detail I need.

Just as promised, more money and greater peace of mind.

Denise, Owner