Draft Beer Monitoring

Without a doubt the easiest place to find more profit is from your draft taps. It is an industry accepted standard that diligence of your draft sales will add at least 15% to your bottom line, and commonly more than that.

Most people feel this claim is too good to be true, so I created an ROI Estimator to prove it. By analyzing past sales it determines how much beer left the taps and did not become cash. It is this “Lost Beer” that becomes your extra profit. Do this exercise over 3 successive inventory periods to create a baseline of performance. As this is all based on your numbers you can be confident in the outcome.
I have so much confidence, I base a guarantee on it.

Draft Monitoring is an example of pennies quickly becoming dollars. By reconciling beer poured against sales you see where it falls through the cracks and can correct it. The more diligent you are, the better your results.

Using Real Time Variance Reporting you know exactly where you are at any moment. You know every detail of every pour, what brand, which tap, what time, which bar, and by whom. You pinpoint the problem and by taking action you can achieve 98% yield from your kegs.

Our Turbines are designed specifically for the Start/Stop of beer flow with the best accuracy of any in the market today. Formed of UHMW plastic they resist beer stone and other contamination. A single wire network makes for a clean installation and being wall mounted they are protected against impact damage.

With a minimum life span of 10 years, it will be the best investment you can make in your business.

My Guarantee: You can install Draft Monitoring in your bar with almost no cash and cover the balance with money that you you wouldn’t have without.

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