Liquor Guns

Sprint’s Liquor Dispensing Guns are the fastest and most accurate way to deliver drinks quickly and consistently. Perfect shots in a second, time after time.

Delivering up to 24 brands, with 4 portion sizes and preset cocktails, with full accountability.

Ideal for nightclubs, sports bars, or any other location that demands speed and accuracy.

Liquor is stored in a central location, using the largest size bottles for further cost savings.

Individual Bottle Reserves, Pressure Vessel Reserves, and Bulk Reverse configurations available. Deliver product up to 2500′ using standard pumps.

Military Grade switching in the Ballistic Nylon Gun Handle ensures a long service life. Built in sensors protect electronics from power spikes and burnouts. Multiple redundant memories capture and protect data.

Sprint Liquor Guns
Easy Setup & Detailed Reporting

Multiple Liquor Guns can be networked, or linked with Bottle Guardian Consoles and Draft Monitoring to create a complete beverage control network.

Software provides Scheduled Reporting, AutoArchive, and options for Cash Register and POS interface. Optional reporting includes Real Time Variance Reporting via POS integration.

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