Real Time Variance Reporting

In today’s business environment it is critical you capture every cent of profit due from your efforts. Doing this well is an exercise in micro-management, matching every sale to a pour, to a fine level of detail. It can also create a time and labor intensive process that becomes onerous and expensive.

There are many software packages available, and most share a common and often fatal flaw in their concept. Any process demanding human action to ensure a timely and accurate outcome is doomed. The moment to moment issues in a business day force routine tasks aside, making your technology investment completely ineffective.

Given the raw information is available, being sales data from POS and usage data from Sprint Beverage Dispensers, Pour Controls can do the job for you, regardless of how the day goes. Every drink is tracked, every drink is matched to a sale, and up to the second reports maintained, all running seamlessly in the background.

The entire focus is one very tightly defined boundary, the point where the drink becomes money. As long as the transactions balance at this boundary, everything else falls right into place.

The initial report is a graph, one line is sales, the other pours. If the lines match, all is well. If they split, it shows when a variance occurred. Click on the text log to see every detail around that variance. See the text log

The text log also provides an excellent tool to monitor staff performance without hovering over them. By watching an individuals pouring accuracy you can train to perfection.

Example Reports: