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The critical element in a strong control process is reconciling sales to usage to confirm all product used has become cash. If there are variances you need to be aware so you can take actions to fix it. There are many ways to do this and we offer multiple options to make this as easy as possible.

Our Standard Reporting Feature Set, delivered with any system, details exactly what was used and tracks by volume, activity, or $ value. Reports can be drawn on command or scheduled on a preset basis, then stored on your hard drive with a time/date file name for easy reference.

Our Premium Reporting Package creates an ongoing database that can be filtered and searchable by time and location so you can audit specific time frames or revenue centers. This offers greater flexibility and access for auditing past performance.

These reports provide root information that can be used in a manual reconciliation process. Many smaller operations are very successful with Excel spreadsheets and cash register tapes, all it takes is discipline and a bit of time. If you would like ideas on how to do this feel free to give us a call.

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